welcome to skittles4life.org


This website is dedicated to the kids of Pinole! I want to give special thanks to Austin Erdahl and my girlfriend Gabby for all their help!


Please feel free to browse the site. We are working on expanding our archive of games and welcome any suggestions for new additions .



I've recently been informed that many may no longer be able to access the site as it has been blocked by some school districts. As a temporary solution to this problem please go to skittles4life.dnsalias.org from school.



Added a few more games during the break, go check them out! Games with "NEW" next to the name have been recently added.



It's been a long time since skittles4life.org[.com] was born! We have gone through many design and functionality changes along the way. A visit to archive.org will show you just how far we've come! Click here to see for yourself(.com version)(.org version).



I finally got sick of the old template so I decided to try something new. Well here it is, pretty green and fruity... I figured it would work with the name a bit better. Let me know what you think.